Do you use an inline fan with your Glowforge?

  • Yes
  • No

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Inline fan w/the internal fan disabled (compact filter mode).


…but I eventually will.

I just bought one… Cloudnine T4 from, Can’t wait until it arrives…

You will probably need to take the fan apart and use some silicon caulk to seal up all the seams and holes in the fan shroud, or it will likely leak smoke…

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I have an old server blade fan set up that I use to keep the pressure negative inside the forge and the vent ‘box’ I built to go in my window. I has improved smell dramatically.

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Like halgrenj I used a fan at the window, Im using a fan from a bitcoin miner. The fan is rated for full time use and 210cfm. I have it tied into my chiller system and can control the speed. The fan being mounted at the window keeps a negative pressure in the vent line ie: No smells. However quiet it is not.

Mounted in the window.

Stored away while not in use, vent hose goes to moving fan for chiller.

@Sylv3r Did you set up your 4” fan yet. I’m waiting to get my Basic and I always see people using the 6” which requires adapters. Really curious on how it did. Thx.

@simplyspoiled I did! I am very happy with it. The noise reduction alone makes it worth it! It is so quite, all you hear is the stepper motors moving in the laser now, for the most part. It moves more CFM than the internal fan and keeps the glowforge from getting dirty as quick. Would recommend getting one if your laser is beside your computer like mine is. I will try to post a picture of my setup soon.


Bonjour,j’aimerais avoir une liste complète avec un tuto pour le montage du ventilateur.Je suis français.En attente de ma commande.Je posterer mais futurs créations des que je suis livrer.

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T4, Ventilateur de conduit en ligne silencieux de 4 po avec humidité de la température …

I recently got an inline fan and mounted it in the stairwell on the other side of the glowforge. The volume difference is fantastic.

I made a short video illustrating the volume changes; best change I’ve made lately I think.

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At what speed do you use it? You said you have the S4, correct?

You want the S6 at minimum. Cloudline’s 4" fan is not powerful enough to clear smoke and keep the machine from overheating in all the same conditions as the built-in exhaust fan. And definitely don’t buy the T series as some people here did, as that’s just $40 extra for a humidity sensor you have no use for. It’s for managing humidity in grow rooms/tents.