Dodecahedron on Walnut


Second project using the platonic solids from thingiverse, and went for a dodecahedron. Still need to make a stand for it, so I used the stand from the dymaxion globe project for the picture. This one is bigger, about the size of a basketball.


Hmm what are the specs on those screws? Really nice, subtle.


Very pretty! Like the zentangle design! :grinning:


Here are the socket head m3 screws I used from amazon.


awesome. I want to make a bunch of these but waiting on some 3d printed parts for it. love the layers


I’ve got another batch of the platonic solids on the 3D printer right now. A dodecahedron takes 20 of them, and takes about 5 hours to print. I’m making a 12 sided die using clear acrylic for a gamer friend with green filament. I have a few more ideas on creating these shapes. I’m thinking that making a bigger version of this with a slotted opening on one of the edges would make a unique card drop for weddings…


Really beautiful


Very impressive piece … zentangles are always cool!


Here is the dodecahedron in acrylic, as well as the .svg file. I formatted this one so you could make this using 1 sheet of material. If anyone really wants to make one of these, but don’t have access to a 3D printer for the corner pieces, reach out to me and we can come up with an arrangement to send you a set.



Very cool of you to share file. Thanks!!