Does Amazon no longer sell the Glowforge Plus?

I looked to see something about it an I cannot find anything. Even the reviews come back page not found. Anybody know what happened??

Hmmm…no idea. That’s curious.

They don’t sell any of them. Likely because Glowforge is unable to provide acceptable shipping times.


They used to… maybe that’s why they pulled them?

I don’t know specifically for :glowforge:, but Amazon will pull a seller who cannot meet stock guarantees. It’s why you sometimes see a $10,000 toothbrush or whatever. The seller doesn’t want their last item to to go out of stock until they’ve got more available.


This is very interesting to me…I’ve seen cases like that every once in a while and it always makes me go “whaaat?”


Interesting. I always wondered about those outrageous prices.


Saw one of those just yesterday…not about to pay $900 for a book. Didn’t know they did that.

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That was were I originally bought mine, but they are gone now. I cannot even pull up the past order.

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Also possible money laundering:

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There’s always someone willing to lie/cheat/steal. Sigh

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