Does anyone has good settings to engrave the Apple Pencil?

Just looking for the magic numbers :blush:
Has anyone have experience with this?

Is it even laser safe?

Unknown, but for the new Apple Pencil, there is an option to have it engraved by them. So, it’s being lasered by Apple.

Could be engraved via CNC


Maybe, but it’s small enough that laser seems more plausible. I’d gotten iPods engraved by Apple before, and it’s definitely lasered.

The settings I would use are:

75% crazy / 100% don’t wanna buy a new pencil if it fails



:slight_smile: LoL

For engraving three initials, I would bet that it wont matter.

I mean if it’s anodized aluminum – lots of posts out there about that.

It’s plastic

Or, if plastic as mentioned below, probably fiber.

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You could always practice on the charge cord adapter that they supply with the Apple Pencil.


Get one of the silicon sleeves and engrave that.


Which ones?

There are a ton on amazon and a bunch of them are multi-packs so you would have extras for testing, I would think one of the thicker ones for engraving into.
Maybe like these?

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Anyone ever able to find settings for this??

Not sure why this photo was posted…there are no settings included…which is what the post is about.

Then color fill


Sorry, forgot to attach