Does anyone have a source for wooden wine gift boxes?

While I know I could build boxes from scratch, I’m looking to see if anyone has a good source for pre-built wooden wine boxes (the kind with the sliding top) so that If I needed to customize a number of them, I could do so quickly, easily, and cheaply.

I’m looking to potentially just engrave greetings and / or logos on the sliding box top, and thought that someone here likely would have a good source.

Any suggestions, links, etc. would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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If you are looking for the type with the sliding top, I would just use

Get the dimensions you want and just modify the top edges.

Here’s a site with fairly reasonably priced boxes. Don’t know how shipping cost run, but I may be trying the site in the future.


I just got these : Nested Slide Top Box Haven’t had a chance to burn them, fit and finish is quite good. I may have to re-glue a joint or two, but overall very pleased. The sliding lids will need sanding, but the sides and bottoms are very smooth. Nested design so either three (3) boxes of varying size or a set.


Hah! They sell those at half again the price on Amazon. (Of course those probably include shipping.)


Same site, but a version that has a flat lid, perhaps easier to 'forge…


Darice is a pretty good supplier of some things like this. Not a slide top but hinged and clasped; very easy to remove the top for engraving. Nice thing is when you set up an account with them, the prices listed include shipping. Papermart can get kind of expensive on the shipping. ($4.79 each/min order 4)


If you decide to make your own, I just found a free file on Obrary: