Does anyone have an eyeglasses stand design made?

I want to make something like this. Still not very skilled with drawing tools or understanding how to deal with material and cut thicknesses for things that fit together.

Anything directional would help.


If you’re good with technical drawing you could actually draw this by hand and scan and cut it in the GF. It’s not my first choice, but it is a choice.

My first choice would be to use any 2D vector drawing program: just choose one and start learning/using it. You can check the Glowforge Tips and Tricks category for tutorials.

The place to concentrate for fitting things together is what size slots you need for the material you plan on using. If you use 1/8" draftboard, acrylic, or wood you’re going to want your slots cut out at .125 (tight fit) to .130 (looser fit). Note that some materials have more variance than others in thickness so use micrometers if you want it perfect. Check the tutorials for more. A set of cheap digital micrometers can be your friend.

Prototype with cardboard as a cheap way to test.

The best way to learn is to just jump in and try. If you don’t get it right the first time you’re in good company. If nothing else, you’ll learn how not to do it,

Post your design back here if you get hung up and you can get help.


You can sketch an idea on graph paper. And glue it to cardboard and cut it out with a razor knife or even scissors on cardboard and see how everything works. That eyeglass display is a very good first project as it is only two pieces slotted together.

Personally I would recommend Inkscape as it is free and that project leads to its strengths, and if you are not used to any other already, I am more impressed every day how much lies in wait for the more advanced user.

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How about something specifically for glasses! I have the Trotec guys bookmarked, so much of their stuff can be adapted to GF.