Does anyone have settings for cutting 3/4 in Plywood

Does anyone have settings for cutting 3/4 in Plywood
Current speed 145
Power full
Passes 3x
Wondering if there are better settings


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The Glowforge struggles to cut anything thicker than 1/4". 3/4" is not going to happen.


Unfortunately, that’s beyond the capability of even the GF Pro. The laser won’t focus properly past 1/2". I imagine the settings you mentioned would char like crazy.


what everyone else said. i couldn’t even cut 3/4" plywood on the 75w laser we have at my office. even if you did a ton of passes and eventually made it through, it would be such a charred mess that it would be essentially useless.


You could attempt to cut halfway, flip it, and cut a mirrored copy from the other side….but good luck lining it up.


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I don’t have any better responses to fully cutting 3/4" ply, but if you need to use it as a backing, see if it will fit into the GF with the honeycomb tray out. (probably still too thick). You could mark it up to your heart’s delight (score, engrave), then cut the outside edge on a table saw/band saw/scroll saw.


I was able to eventually cut 1/2 inch plywood, No matter how many passes the cut only got wider. So what I did was to engrave down a quarter inch and then cut the second quarter inch. I did not intend to do any more and only needed the shape. I have done deep engraves but had to use hand saws on many occasions.