Does anyone in MD have a laser?

About a year ago my Pirate Band did a Kickstarter to help fund our latest CD (message me if you want to hear more about it or listen to it on bandcamp!). One of the reward tiers was to get a mug made by me with a custom design lasered onto it, and we got two backers at that level. I know both of them and have been in constant contact with them throughout the journey of the Glowforge. While they are both patient, they have expressed interest in getting their mugs before the Fall Season of Renaissance Faires if possible.

I have contacted several local makerspaces, and the UMUC art department about getting some time on their lasers. But no one has replied to any of my emails.

Is there anyone here who lives in MD who already has a laser that I could work with to get some designs lasered onto some wood? I am willing to pay or barter for the laser time. I was planning this project for my GF and so the pieces to engrave will be 1/4 in thick and depending on what shape they want, 6in x 2.5in. I would also really appreciate being able to learn how this process is usually done since I have never used a laser before.

Here are some of my most recent mugs to give a little bit of idea of what I’m trying to do.


Your local library might have one.

Checked that and mine didn’t (I live in an area that has a lot of older folks who are literally hippies).

wonder if these folks are near you? I came across the site while looking at laser-made signage.

unfortunately my work’s firewall is preventing me from seeing much of the site. I’ll have to check when I get home. It looks like they are close though, their front page (which isn’t blocked strangely) shows Germantown and Norfolk, which are both near enough to say that they might just be local.

(But they also show Rowanda, so there is that…)

it says Gaithersburg, if that means anything to ya

DEFINITELY within reasonable driving distance (about 45 min). Now I just need to find enough time to drive out there to work with them.