Does anyone need a new Glowforge?

Hello everyone,
I bought a Glowforge Pro in March 2021 and did not even use it once. I figured out that this printer needs to have Wi-Fi and internet connectivity to work. Since I live in a rural area the internet is not great; therefore, I would like to sell my Glowforge. It is brand new and still has everything (I just opened the box!). The price is $5800- free shipping. Thank you!! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

You might want to identify the general area :slightly_smiling_face:


I am not trying to be rude or anything with this but a brand new GF pro is just under $6k. Then there are the $500 referral codes everywhere. So even with taxes, it’s only about $150 more to get a brand new glowforge pro that comes with 1 year warranty (they are not transferable from yours).


I live in Elk Grove, California.
I paid $5920.87 for it. I try to sell it for $5800, which I lost $120.87 and the shipping cost. It is brand new. I am really like this printer, but where I live does not allow me to have it. I am willing to negotiate to give a suitable price!

Remaining warranties DO transfer to the new owner. It’s been well established through the last few years :slightly_smiling_face:


weird, one of my friends was not able to get the remaining warranty transferred with theirs a few months ago. Oh well, well a brand new GF pro will have a longer warranty left. I am sure this is still a good deal though.

Ah, nvm. My friend had bought a used one and the previous owner shipped it to them. They had issues after they received it and had to be able to prove that the issues were not damaged from the shipping from the original owner. Which was why warranty was not covered for them.

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So I would recommend a local buyer. Have you tried posting it to other groups? I can see if any of my CA friends have interest.

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