Does GF engrave Aluminum

Wanted to know if the GF engraves on aluminum pans. If so any recommendations on settings?

No. It can mark some metals using certain coatings, if you search here, you’ll find many posts discussing this - although most are for steel items such as knife blades or small flasks. Anodized aluminum can have the dye ablated leaving a lighter/silver marking behind.

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If you mean Calphalon, it is anodized, so probably. If you mean shiny aluminum sheet pans then not without using something like Cermark.

Note: the linked Cermark states Aircraft grade aluminum. No idea what it would do to an aluminum cookie sheet.

It does a fine job on Anodization, though.


Anodized aluminum is one of my very favorite things to mark.

EDIT TO ADD: I need to point out that while the engraved text looks like Glowforge settings that I was testing, it is actually the names of my pets.

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