Does Inkscape actually crop an image?

Hello! I have an image I want to trim the edges off of. When I use Inkscape to Clip/Set, all it really does is hide it from my eyes, but when I drop it into GF, it shows back up.
So in this case, I am trying to CUT the black borders out, then cut each image so I can freely move them about in an order I need.


Clip paths aren’t supported in the GF UI. It should throw a warning to that effect when you upload the image.

You have to do something more destructive to actually cut the paths, or rasterize the design. There are ways around it, how you do it will depend on what you’re up to.

Search the forum for “inkscape clip path” or just “clip path” and you’ll find a lot of discussion over the years. It should point you in the right direction.


Thank you! It is the key words to search for that I really needed.


When I want to do something like that I use Paint (Paint.NET - Download) to erase the areas I don’t want and to adjust the levels as required to get a good image. Then save that and you are good to go.

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If you want to do it in inkscape its not too hard. Put the shape you want to clip or mask over like you have already done.

Then export the result as a png

and then just drop the png you created back into the project.

It can be easier to do on other programs but if you don’t want to leave inkscape this is an easy way to do it. Not sure if you can do weird shapes in other programs, like if I wanted to engrave this on the end of a box or something like that.

You may still see the error on the dashboard in the end design if you have been using the clip and mask even though you don’t have any in the final file. if you get that try clicking clean up document under file, save and try again.

If it still shows copying all the parts of the final design and pasting them into a new inkscape document should remove the error message on the dashboard.


FANTASTIC! You saved the day!


I forget about Paint, thanks!

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What primal healer demonstrated is exactly what was meant by:

So if you see anyone referring to rasterization, that’s what it means. You are converting your vector to a raster image.


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