Does it stack Up?

Just a fun little idea I had. Prototype 1. It’ll get bigger … way bigger …

Short video of the assembly l.


What a fun piece! The video was fun to watch too.

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Good imagination and talent.

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Love it! Looks like an old time stage set. :sunglasses:


Fun idea. Possibly, in your final project you can manually align the top layer, and glue it in place, so as to hide the angled alignment slats. Just a thought. :smiley:.

Cool project. Thanks for sharing.


Adore. Welcome to the world of multiplane - I can see you are gonna make some great art!


Good thought. I was thinking of using a button head 5mm screw that would grab a threaded insert deep within. I want to be able to easily add/subtract or change the layer “slides” as desired . I was going to blind glue it as you suggest but once I saw it come together, I know the scene will evolve! (I didn’t put my wife and I and our 3 dogs in there yet😎)

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Since you’re going to change the scene, your idea for screws is much better than my glue suggestion. :grin:

Sweet! Any thoughts about embedding a light into one of the rows? I have been designing (not yet executing) some shadow boxes with embedded LEDs to play with controlled light.

Def going to “LED it up” for the full size unit. One of the best things about laser designs in general is “scale” . Make small Prototypes using less material to work things out… then Scale it up!


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This is EXACTLY what I got the Glowforge for!

Looks great!

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Looks fantastic !! You could even turn it into an automata by makingthe dolphin layer attached to a gear so it jumps in and out of the “water”.

Love that . Like an old fashion carnival dolphin shooting gallery when we were kids.
I just oughta do that! That was proto . I’ll be scaling to full sheet Letter size. That one is like 4x6. Your idea should work actually once it’s a wee bit bigger.

Great idea to have alignment pins. Can’t wait until you “LED it up” for the final version!