Does painters taper work as a "removable paper sheet" on wood painted with acrylics?

I paint acrylic flow art on wood and wanted to engrave on top of the dried paint. It works great except for the extra burn residue. Will painters tape work the same as the paper sheets on the proof grade wood?

Here is a sample picture and you can see the yellowing.

IF not painters tape, what do you suggest?


Very nice project - I don’t notice the yellowing you mention.

Painters’ tape can be used to mask - also all sorts of other products like regular masking tape and transferrite. A search of the forum returns lots of info regarding masking. One thing to note, you must get the masking material uniform across your project. Overlapping edges or gaps will result in uneven engraving.


I think GoJo, fast orange, gel hand sanitizer and simple IPA have been the preferred ways of lifting excess burn residue mentioned in the forums. you might want to try some of those and see if the smoke stains don’t go away.

Magic Eraser type sponges were also popularly mentioned but I don’t have a guess as to how any of these products/methods might mess up your paint work.


Read me:


I just found some delicate surface painters tape at Home Depot. Purple colored. Works like a dream.


This is great and local so easy to pick up and try. I have one more of these boards ready so I hope to do it this week. Thank You!

Just remember though to butt the strips of tape tight together but don’t overlap them. Any overlap could leave streaks in an engrave.

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I’ve done a few similar designs, and the masking tape that Evansd2 is talking about is gonna be your best friend. It comes up a lot easier than painters tape off of the items that I’ve done and outside of weeding it looks awesome.