Does the Crumb tray wear out over time?

I’m a complete newbie to laser cutters so I apologize if this sounds like a silly question but can anyone tell me if the crumb tray on the Glowforge wears out over time?

The reason I’m asking is because someone I know recently sold their GF on ebay and shipped it to the buyer but the machine was completely demolished during shipping. The shipping carrier shipped the GF back to the seller but now he’s stuck with a machine that’s completely broken. The package with the crumb tray and free samples of wood was not damaged and I’m interested in offering to buy this box simply because of the samples of wood.

I’m curious if I should also try to buy the crumb tray off of him but I’m not even sure if I would ever have a need for a backup crumb tray. Anyone have any advice on this?

Nightmare for the seller. Did they insure it?

I don’t think it wears because it is made of steel. It does get dirty quickly but can be cleaned.


The only reason I can think of for a second crumb tray is if you affixed some sort of jig to it you didn’t want to remove often. But even for this scenario I can think of more cons than pros so it would have to be pretty niche I think. As palmercr stated, it’s steel and isn’t going to wear (at least not on any appreciable scale.)

The tray can be bent if you push down on it hard, but won’t wear out.
Anyone selling their unit take a lesson - insure the package!
I feel for the poor individual who got stuck in this circumstance. :scream::sob:

Oh man, that hits me right in the feels.
I seriously hope their shipment was insured!