Does this look right?

I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but I wanted to double check if this looks correct.

Does it look like Im using too much power on this engraving or does this look good to you?


It looks lovely, presuming you wanted a depth engrave. I’m guessing you chose one of the “vary power” settings (Draft or SD Graphic), which is why it cut into the material. If you instead want a surface discoloration with very little depth you’ll want to pick one of the “convert to dots” ones (HD graphic or either of the photo options)

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Thank you for responding! I used the prograde settings and selected the hd option. Here lately, I feel like all of my jobs are using to much power. I know I can back it down, but I have never played with the prograde material.

I find the one thing I change regularly is the lpi - it seems that around 270 gets you great coverage on wood, the higher ones (HD is at 450 I believe) gets really dark!

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Thanks for the info…I will run it again with your suggestions and see how it turns out.

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