Does this seem incredibly dangerous?

T’won’t be me!

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It says in the description that it includes safety glasses…


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Soooo, I just now clicked the link, and got the exact same “limited time left!” message despite being many hours later.

This means they’re using a “pressure sales” plugin on their Shopify page (there are many of these), which frankly implies they’re sketchy right off the bat, without saying anything at all about the supposed product.


Or very very incorrectly described object (eg: what you get will be vastly weaker than what’s described). There’s an article from this past summer with a title like “the strange brands in your instagram feed” that roughly explains these kinds of things – a “camelhair” coat, for example, that arrives drop-shipped from China smelling of diesel and MEK. There are Youtube videos that tell novices how to set up these operations.

If you dig through the basement of Aliexpress or the like you may be able to find the originating product, now just being remarketed and dropshipped by opportunists.

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I’m with @MakerMatthew :slightly_smiling_face: I’m in. We’ll see what comes of it. Considering I spend more on lunch some days it’s worth a shot just to see. I expect it’s a shrunken version of the 1/2W diode lasers that were all over the place a year ago. Those were down to about $60 if I recall but with a frame they only a 2" square work area.


This reminds me of the ads I keep seeing for the smart watch that projects your phone screen onto your arm and you can interact with the projection. Seemed completely fake to me, so I looked into it a little to see what the reviews were saying. Most people who ordered got a non-functional plastic shell of some unbranded Fitbit-like product, with no electronics of any kind, or some generic Chinese Fitbit knockoff with limited functionality. No one received anything even remotely resembling the product advertised. If it sounds too good to be true, especially if it sounds like science fiction at an unbelievably low price, it’s guaranteed to be a scam. Even with protection from paypal or your credit card company, don’t bother.


We saw it on Instagram. I think it was $30-40.

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Nothing new under the sun; just the modern version of the “X-ray glasses” and “sea monkeys” they used to sell from the backs of comic books. Oh, and the stuff that made you grow muscles so people wouldn’t kick sand in your face at the beach. :wink:


That was a scam? But, they had the Charles Atlas seal of approval! :grin:



Pet Rocks were my favorite! Alas…I never bought one.


I caught and tamed my own from the wild. :slight_smile:


@geek2nurse: Me too. :sunglasses:

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They’re skittery, but slow moving…


There is also the pinworm fad. Not only going where you go and eating what you eat, but can even cure diseases like Lupus!


Yuck :nauseated_face:

Say what? (I’ve got a cousin with Lupus…but I’m almost afraid to ask what you have to do with the pinworms.)

It is the forefront of “research” as originally it was very unscientific. If you go into the worst slums of the world you will find every disease known, but you never see autoimmune diseases like Lupus.

Based on that observation and a bit of desperation one gentleman went on one of the more exotic tours marching through cesspools in Africa. He ended up with several worms but it cured his Lupus, and he was selling his washed poop on EBay, and several folk had similar results.

At this point actual scientists got interested, decided that it helped but sought out species barely able to survive in humans instead of the virulent tapeworm he brought home.

The result of that was a European Pinworm that has evolved to pigs and does not favor humans and so is not so virulent.

It is figured that humans and parasites have evolved together over the millennia and some humans are now parasite free for the first time ever and for some the immune system over reacts and attacks everything. The parasites tamp down the immune system to protect themselves but in the process bring balance to immune systems needing something to attack.

I am on the tablet so cannot Google so well and still be here but the rabbit hole is there for exploring.


Very interesting theory. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Similar theory about the explosion of allergies & asthma. We live so clean nowadays our bodies attack everything.

Or it could be that in the old days people had the same diseases and just didn’t see doctors and toughed it out.

Needs research but not likely it will happen - no profit in worms & dirt. Need patentable medications to interest any investment.

Cleanliness was the enemy in the explosion of polio also, that young children were exposed while they still got immunity from mother’s milk. Cut off the milk early and create a cleaner life than ever before at the same time and suddenly an epidemic.

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