Does this seem incredibly dangerous?

Given all of the safety steps that Glowforge took to protect us, this seems to cast safety to the wind. Pets, children, fingers…are all at risk.


I heard they were soon to release an adaptor that lets you do your own At Home Laser Eye surgery :wink:


Within the Navy, we’re going to put these on our dolphins. Dolphins with lasers!!


I saw the press release for that and they said they are still working on finding a way to cut down the scar tissue. Here is a photo from there case study.



I’ve been getting the same ad lately and wondering the same thing.


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Isn’t this the Cubiio that was crowdfunded last year? I vaguely remembering seeing similar stupidity in the past.


I JUST saw an ad for this on Facebook. On sale for $30! It’s frightening to me to think of all the people will see that and buy it with no regard whatsoever to safety…not to mention how disappointed they’re likely to be with whatever it can really produce.


$30? On my Facebook feed it was 159. You can put yourself in danger for cheaper then me. Not fair?


Huh. I can’t find that model on Google - just their $800 box model.

I’d buy it to play with it for $30 :grin:


Cool concept, though.
Image getting it mixed up with the LED light beam cat toy…

And yet isn’t this the high tech equivalent of the old metal lawn darts?
I bet lots of attorneys are getting in line to help with the lawsuits against the manufacturer!


To be fair, I know you can buy those high powered laser pointers that will burn lots of stuff for cheap these days. I’m certain that’s all this is with some sort of plotting software controlling the beam.

Either way, who cares about safety when you can engrave in a compact area such as the back of a bookshelf!? sarcasm overflowing

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As of this screen shot, I had 48 seconds to claim this deal;

…and even then, $50? ridiculous!


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“who cares about safety when you can engrave in a compact area such as the back of a bookshelf!?”





I feel the same way. For 30 buck the novelty is not something I could resist.


48 seconds! Wow. They must think people very impulsive…Oh wait the link is below…

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I’ve looked into this offer and ones like it, and I think these are a scam. I think more and more we’re seeing scammers set up Shopify accounts and offer products that should be selling for much, much more. And it’s all the more concerning because they are coming up in our Facebook feeds, so it makes it look like legitimate offers.

I’ve seen this same tactic used for other products that can be found on Kickstarter where the products are being offered for hundreds/thousands more than shown on these little Shopify stores. I’ve seen this for the Goliath CNC (offered for $150-$300 instead of $1,800), the new electric go kart from Segway, etc.

I think these shopify stores are going to take your money and run, and then you’ll have to get a reversal from your credit card company for the charges. At least that’s my theory…


If anyone lost impulse control and ordered it let us know how it goes. We would all like to know:

  1. Do you actually get something?
  2. Does it take 6 months to ship from China?
    3.Does it do what it advertised?
  3. Does it cause permeant damage to your vision?
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@Xabbess: Tried to order one but despite the PayPal logo in the Web page above they wanted my credit card information to purchase. In fact they sent me an email “confirming” my purchase!?

No thank you! Maybe someone else is more reckless than me? :sunglasses: