Dog Tag for Lando


My friend and coworker JUST adopted the sweetest pitbull from animal shelter and I wanted to help celebrate their new family by making a quickie tag for him :smile:

It’s not the cleanest cut since I didn’t have the time to actually draw it (just hit trace in Illustrator), but it’s more of a symbolic one since it’s just meant to be a temp one.

Note: phone number has been changed for privacy reasons :wink:


Very sweet! Hope Lando is happy with his new family.




Great little gift!


Nice! As a Pit owner, titanium is recommended for tags. My lovelies (3) have destroyed pretty much anything I can attach to them :grin:

Love the sentiment :heart_eyes: and the breed.


Definitely aware of how quickly it will be destroyed! I only had acrylic and wood lying around and I made two knowing it will be broken quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

I was very clear to my friend that this was more of a temp solution and symbolic gift to have. Lando is just unbelievably sweet and very happy with his new family! Kudos to you for your pit crew!


rats I called that number 3x to see if they wanted to buy dog food. :slight_smile: