Dog Tag Jig for Engraving

I thought some might find a use for this and I haven’t posted any free stuff for a while, so here is something. I cut some thin cork to insert into each slot. This brings the aluminum dog tags flush with the top of the jig.
Dog Tag Jig
Dog Tag Jig.pdf (16.8 KB)


I could have used this for Christmas. I just cut a jig out of draftboard. Then I manually set the thickness to the thickness of the dogtags for the engraves. Good share.


Nice share, thanks. I need to make a dog tag for our puppy who ran away from home yesterday! She came back today but it was freezing out last night. So thankful to have her back!


You should seriously consider an Apple Air Tag. They are pretty incredible, easy to use and only like $25. They even make collars for dogs to hold them. Or, you could probably make one on your GF out of leather.


And, I happen to have 3 here I’m not using!! I have a pattern I could use to attach to her collar. Great idea.


Nice! What material thickness do you use for the jig, 1/8”?

Yes, 1/8 inch draft board for both the top and the bottom.