Dog tag w/ mirrored acrylic

Made with gold and silver mirrored acrylic I found on Inventables. Engraved on the backside.




Stunning, did you anneal it?

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Nope, just engraved and cut. Glued both pieces together with super glue.

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Good design and a model to display it as well. Great job.

Great looking tag on an adorable pup! :grinning:

Nice tag … Gorgeous dog!

But you might want to obfuscate your phone numbers and re-post the image. The forum is public.

One of the best dressed dogs around!

Thanks for the advice!

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hey, would love to know what setting you used to engrave and cut the mirror acrylic. so cute!

Speed: 1000
Power: FULL

Speed: 175
Power: FULL


Looks amazing! Would you mind informing me on whether or not you masked any part of the acrylic before cut and engraving? Did your acrylic come with a thin, plastic protective sheet and did you leave it on for the laser process?

I bought the acrylic from Inventables. It did come with the plastic on one side. I engraved on the backside which did not have plastic. And I did not mask. You usually don’t want masking for engravings because it can be difficult to remove.

I just purchased some with the plastic masking on the side where you see reflection. Should I remove that plastic or is that on to prevent burn marks? Just wondering because I dont want any plastics to melt together.

Yes, remove the plastic.

I actually engraved on the back gray side. I didn’t engrave on the front reflective side. Just be sure to invert your design.

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I did engrave on the back gray side as well with the masking on the other side. I suppose I need to lay down some newspaper as well to prevent the flashback? Did you do that?

I did not have any issues with flashback. But yeah, if you do then newspaper would be the solution. Good luck!

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Interesting… Maybe because you got casted acrylic, which has a higher melting temperature. Thanks for your help!