Dog Through a Fence

Decided to keep working with the design I made yesterday to try new versions of it. Today’s experiment is made of cherry hardwood on the front cut and scored to give it the feel of a fence. Then a clear layer of acrylic engraved on the back with the words followed by a blue piece of acrylic.

As usual, no matter how long I thought about it beforehand, I immediately thought of better ways and will likely make yet another version, but the experience is still totally worth it.

Edit: If I had the 2 color acrylic from Inventables, this would have been significantly easier, but my order hasn’t arrived yet and, well, I’m impatient.


Brilliant! I love the fence idea for a pet plaque! :grinning:


I have to start reading descriptions rather than just jumping straight to the pretty, pretty pictures. I was legitimately about to ask if youd glued or taped all tje individual boards together before cutting. I am a twit.

But youre not a twit and this is lovely (and very convincing).


another winner - “borrowing” this idea :slight_smile:


Awwww, that is really cute, and the assembly is unique!


This is adorable! Loved your other post … and the pose of the dog is just too cute!

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I had a black lab that literally run through a fence. He was chasing a frisbee and the fence was made out of lattice, but he made a dog shaped hole, looked straight out a looney tunes cartoon. He brought it back and was ready to go again.