Dominion Card Storage

My son bought me all of the remaining Dominion sets we didn’t already have, and thus came a need for better storage! A few months ago when the collection was at 6 sets and growing, I looked into storage here and other places and found this thread:

THAT was an awesome write up and I’m in the process of cutting out the Dominion logo and symbols and sending it to the author as a gift for writing it up.

And seeing as I have a laser cutter and didn’t want to pay for the already cut inserts, I made my own. Having not enough baltic birch on hand and not wanting to pay a TON of cash right now for it, I found some 3/16" thick ply at Home Depot that had a really nice surface and a pretty stable core. Look for it in the smaller sheet panels section, they’re 2’x4’ - I couldn’t find the SKU but will edit this post with it as I need to buy 1 more sheet to make an insert for a friend of mine. I measured, drew up plans in CAD, cut, corrected errors, and re-cut. All went well!

Anywho - the attached files fit snugly inside the case and the tabs are nested so one side holds down the other. It all fits really well and we have enough storage for all of the sets between 2 cases. The post above has a link to a PDF where you can print off divider cards for each card. Here’s some pics:

And here are the PDF’s for the 3 files you’ll need:

Back Front.pdf (4.4 KB)
Side.pdf (4.2 KB)
Tab.pdf (4.4 KB)

Happy cutting!


I do so love playing that game, but I must admit to a slight hesitation when I think about dealing with the cards :slight_smile:

This is a beautiful case solution!


Looks great


I felt that way too until we did this. Took about 8 hours total to get it all done.


This is incredible! Thank you!


Awesome, nice share!!


Awesome! Thanks so much! This is my favorite game and we have every single one, so I’m already on box 2 of card holding!


You bet - did you make these boxes? Here’s the Dominion logo in PDF along with some of the icons. I’m cutting these too to put on the box!
Logo - Symbols.pdf (28.2 KB)
Logo.pdf (19.4 KB)

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