Dominion storage

One of the biggest uses I envisioned for the Glowforge when we ordered it was making more compact boxes for board games. Dominion is a particular space hog. I don’t have all the expansions, but I have seven of them. It’s a big nuisance to get out all the boxes when we’re playing it, and my 10-year-old is currently obsessed with it.

From eight boxes (some 12"x12" and some 8"x12", I think), I now have it in six 7"x4"x3" boxes, which stack together neatly and take up much less room on my game shelf.

The dividers between the cards are printed on my color laser printer and cut out with the GF, just because it was easier and neater than scissors. I will probably print the names of each expansion on the ends of these, but I wanted to wait a bit and see if I decide to move anything first. Five of the boxes are full of cards, and the sixth has all the “other” bits that come in some of the expansions. It will be easy to make a couple more if I get completist and buy the last couple of expansions that I don’t have.



Dominion is such a shocking space-hog and i really wanted to laser some boxes for it.
Since the Glowforge is still not delivered i ended up 3d printing a decent set of boxes from Thingiverse


Really like the keyed stacking feature!

Stacked set looks like the perfect style choice.

Here’s a comparison of the original boxes to the new version.


Nice job! Dominion storage is on my list!