Don't be afraid of the score


As much as we love engraving, don’t be afraid to try score for line art, sometimes it is the best.


I completely agree. It just makes such fine dark lines


Looks great! I have never used a laser before but, being someone who designs mostly vector artwork, I expect to score more often than engrave but time will tell.


It certainly looks amazing!


That turned out great! (And I like the monkey.) :grin:


It’s really fast too!


To me, it is just a bonus. When an engrave looks significantly better it is time well used. After these successful experiments though I will try both where there is any question about which will work best.


Those look great! Honestly, I had forgotten completely about scoring until I made that gift tag yesterday evening. So much faster, and looks good, win win.


This is All scoring? Monkey and text? Looks so much like an engrave as to depth but precise like a score. Amazing.


Nikko is 100% scored. The lettering is engraved. Yes, turned out much better than I imagined.


For the right kinds of line images (not too much complexity or too many sharp curves) scores may also be massively faster than engraves for the same size.


Less fine but equally dark lines if you defocus it. Then the line is thicker if that’s what you want.


Trying to find the old Score commercial.

“I used to play in the greasebowl,
when I was just a kid,
too young to know,
Score’s the only one for me.
Just mix it with some water
and your hair holds
like it ought’r.
Oh baby, that’s the Score,
that’s the Score,
that’s the Score!”

Just imagine the subtext in this product and the publicity.

This one will do.


Yes, massive for some things.