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My daughter is currently 68W (combat medic in US Army) but now planning to join USAF, and both me and her mom are pushing her to fly jets… I’ve flown for over two decades but to see her solo would be, well, immeasurable.


I’m just coming down from my annual aviation fix with EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, WI (20 minutes from me). I’m not a pilot but I love aircraft and photography. Some of my favorite shots from the weeks


Oh and Yes! she should absolutely fly jets. What a rare life experience.


This is so awesome! I’m not a pilot either but my husband has his pilot’s license and I’ve “flown” the plane while we’re flying in Cessna’s. And the last startup I worked at was a hybrid-electric vertical take off and landing aircraft startup so I got to go in deep with the aviation industry and learn a lot about airplanes, helicopters and new aircraft technology. So cool!


That was awesome! It was great to watch. I absolutely love AF jets.


Nice cockpit view! I’m not familiar with the F16 - but she is…

Never flew them, but aboard Enterprise I helped keep them in the air. All of the Vietnam-era Navy birds, A4 Skyhawk, F4 Phantom, A7 Corsair, A6 Intruder, EA6B Prowler, and of course the F14 Tomcat. I can still smell JP just thinking about it, I know those engines, so yeah, I’m a bit of an aviation nut.


Don’t click this link unless you are a nuclear-biophysicist studying the effects of Jovian gases and pressures on jellyfish stuffed with peeps.

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One satisfied hour later. Super interesting video


Just really moves me…

I recently rented a 737 simulator and had my sailplane flight instructor join me in the right seat. We hold a state record in sailplanes.

One of my closest friends lives minutes away from one of the world’s most desirable soaring destinations. I don’t think I’ll ever be able, but it’s one of the few remaining items on my bucket list…

Edit - that, and taking my daughter up. She drives well enough to scare the carp out of me (spelling intentional) and rides motorcycles as I do, but she’s never flown with me. Spins and stalls are regular practice in sailplanes, it will save your life.


I am an aviation nut, but I’m also a sucker for rabbit holes so I’d probably click on that and then 4 hours later…


Trying to see where the problem is? :rofl:


While there is something about raw power, the most pleasant flight experience I’ve ever had was soaring paragliders. Sometimes less is more.
Not to say I’d turn down the chance to fly a fighter jet! :grin:


Soaring is just that. We fly down to around 40kts and it is virtually silent. The big two-seater we set a record in will go from a stall to 150+ in moments. It’s nuts. I’ve flown many other powered 'planes and even had the hands on a G5, but soaring takes the cake, as we say.

I know people that can get me into a modern fighter jet, I can’t drop names or rank. One personally spent time in a sailplane teaching me stuff you wouldn’t believe. I can’t take them up on the offer because I know I am simply not healthy enough for it. 10 years ago, I would have killed for the opportunity…


Mastery of the environment. I just took a lesson today watching a hawk effortlessly riding the wind. Soaring is a thing along the front range of the Rockies. ‘Gimme altitude and I can do anything.’

Watching these college graduates launch, and trap off of a carrier gave me a deep respect for Naval aviators. Those boys can fly anything anywhere, in any kind of weather… at a moment’s notice.
Operations at sea were incessant. Day after day, these guys have missions to fly, and they “play tag” to hone their skills.
I stood watch one day on the top of the island (the command center on the carrier) and general quarters was called (battle stations). Everyone has 4 minutes to be at their duty station. I was at mine, so I got to leisurely witness the activity on the flight deck… it made my hair stand. In under the 4-minute mark, there were 4 armed aircraft in the sky. I can’t imagine better-prepared professionals. They’re out there right now - Your tax dollars at work.


I grew up in Fresno/Clovis, CA and loved to watch the Naval Reserve planes take off. When our son was in Kindergarten, we lived in Clovis, but I took him to school in Fresno because and many afternoons on the way home we’d see the planes taking off or landing. There was a great spot to pull off outside the fence and watch them. Many times on landing, the pilots would lift the cover and wave at us. I think I enjoyed it more than our son! Even now we have fighter planes that will fly through a valley close by, and can hear them coming and I’ll go running outside! Though a little far away, we can see them as they pass through the valley.

My brother-in-law was a mechanic on the SR-71 and traveled with it during the Vietnam war. We were visiting with them at Beale AFB and saw he showed us a pic of it - it’s been my favorite plane ever since.


They built the F22 here, and I am beyond privileged to have gone inside the fence which was over to one side of the hanger where they build C130’s.

The most memorable thing about it was the mountains of wires. The sailplanes I flew had solid pushrods and such. The F22 had none, and if you can imagine a modern data center and rip out all the cables, that’s what it looks like. All in orange.


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