Don't forget the free designs

I post this not because it is anything nice, it’s not, a rush job to get what I needed.

The reson I post is to remind all you getting your production units that over the last year and a half there have been a lot of good designs posted that you can use when they fit your need. I needed a glue gun holder and somewhere in the back of my mind, I remembered that one had been posted.

Now don’t think Thingiverse, here, and the store will do you, the Glowforge won’t truly be yours until you learn to design for it but as design time can be so much more than the cut time they sure can fill in some gaps while you work on something you can’t find.

Thanx to @takitus for adapting this one and posting it.

If there are any of my works that you want but don’t see over there drop me a PM and if two or more want something I’ll clean it up for sharing and post it.


You know…there are a lot of beginner (aka: Pre-PRU) designs of mine on there that need to either be opened up so that the files can be updated or deleted and reloaded.

(Remind me to ask @dan about it when they implement the new Categories. I don’t know if he can open them.)


Thank you for the kind offer, I’ll have to go shopping :grinning:


Thanks for the reminder.

Drats… I don’t see a layout for dashboard controls for an electric car in the Free Designs category… guess I’m on my own there. :smiley:


Yeah, it’s kind of a niche thing. Chuckle! :grin:

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Whaaaaat? I can’t be the only one. :slight_smile:


You’re one of a kind! :smile:


Glad to see someone making use of the glue gun holder file! I’ve made a couple of them for friends already.


It is a nice design and you did a good job converting it to 1/8. No need to reinvent the wheel.


That reminds me that I have a number of designs to post specific to the Catan Files that Glowforge posted earlier. I’ve had to do a lot of processing work because I wanted to make it a little better.

Resizing all the tiles to fit the 3" wide boards you can easily get from Amazon (Yellowheart, Walnut, Bloodwood, etc), remaking the number chips with the different dice possibilities (helps young kids play, and just looks cooler), resizing the cutout in the middle of the tiles to be able to hold the number chips, Adding Gold, Sea, and the Fishing Tile, fixing the ports (3:1 ports), and creating the border pieces.

Not quite done yet, but I’ll plan on offering those when I’m done (over 15 hours work so far). They all combine to make a HUGE single file that would have to be broken up later, but I think it would be appreciated given all the interest in the GF Catan board.


I am anxious to see what you have done with the game. Thanks for doing all of this. :grin:


My parents LOVE the game so I’ve had this in mind for a Christmas Gift for a LONG time. But they have definitely expanded beyond the base game, so I’m making them all the tiles and border pieces they would need to play any of the expansions. I’ll have notes as to how many of each tile would be needed for Base, 5/6 player expansion, Seafarers, Barbarians and Traders, and the Cities and Knights expansion. I’m going home to visit in a few weekends and definitely plan on raiding their Catan stash to see just how many of each they have.


I’ve got a ton of stuff I have to re-do because 1/8" Baltic Birch is really 3mm and Draftboard is really 1/8" :slight_smile:

Didn’t know how much I was gonna wish I went parametric before :grinning:


I actually only went parametric on a couple of designs - glue and sandpaper take care of a lot of issues. :wink:

It becomes a question of how much time do you want to spend designing for materials that can still have a little bit of variance in them anyway. I like designing for Proofgrade - it tends to be more consistent, and I just like it better. After I get bored with that…I might try parametric again.


yeah but the difference is .010" and that’s too much to spend doing a lot of sanding. I do a lot of work in Corel (use Inkscape for class/teaching) which doesn’t do parametric designs per se. But it does allow you to create symbols that are like cloned objects. So for slot together stuff I’m going to create a slot symbol that I can change to be either 3mm or 1/8" depending on the material I’m going to use.

Funny that I’m doing this because I like Draftboard better than Baltic Birch plywood :smile:


If you can’t get back in you can always post the update as a response to the OP and hopefully, anyone looking will see that.

Are you not still able to edit them?

No, we lose the ability to edit them about a week or two after we post them. (Unless we wikify, and those weren’t.) :disappointed:

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Yes it is! Thank you very kindly! :slightly_smiling_face:

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