Don't Forget Your Flu Shots!



Found another use for a catalog item. :smile:



(Even got a Glowie Teal Squeal shot in there.) :wink:


Bwahaha. I like how you think sista… :rofl:


You are one creative forger!


Great idea! That makes me think of other ways to use these. Like, maybe put a flag in each cell for a nice table centerpiece, etc.

Cool engraved pattern, too! Does it come with that (I don’t have access to the catalog yet so I can’t tell) or is that your addition?


Sooooo…thinklin…if you turned the holes around…added a motor…centrifuge…the alcohol would go to bottom or top ?.. muahahahahahaha :smiling_imp:


I added that to the Glowforge file just to make it a little different.
(And practice using the visual alignment.) :grinning:

(I’d tell you where I got it, but I sent an email to the creators asking if they minded if I post a link to their page here, and I haven’t heard back from them, so for now, it has to stay a personal use thing. I promised them I wouldn’t post the link without permission…it’s a bunch of REAL artists, with real skillz.) :smile:


So awesome! I’m going to have to make one of those now! I made the pen holder, I need to get better at posting things.