Don't open till Xmas - more tealight holders



Here are some more tealight holders.
Since I was masking them anyway, I decide to go ahead and add an extra color…not that much time added but 100% better!

Rudy 2.0 with accent color and a red plexiglass nose.

Trio all together


You are awesome!!!


I second that emotion!


Way too much Christmas anticipation going on here! Where’s the “Grinch”? Bah-humbug!


Too late we opened it early, and again you do good work.
thanks for the ideas.


Beautiful!. Are the colors just acrylic paints? (after cutting?).and are these out of basswood or mdf?


Here comes Santa Claus , here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane…

Very cute (again), love the little tree face! :relaxed:


The color makes a big difference, nice!


Baltic birch ply painted with base color first with acrylic paint…then clear coated with clear acrylic.
Masked, then cut. Pulled off masking in areas for second color. Then clear coated again.


love these designs.


It seems that someone wants to already be in December :innocent: … well, I think everyone here hahaha :smile:.

But I’m sure they will look great next to your glowforge when it arrives :santa:


Woot, red nose.


I guess I could do orange for the carrot too…lol