Don't Show Off your GF Work

…unless you want to make MORE! At Thanksgiving I realized my parents hadn’t seen the acrylic lamp I made for our hallway. I casually pointed it out and my Dad decided they HAD to have one to replace the contractor-grade pendant lamp over their kitchen table.
SO…between Thanksgiving and Christmas I found myself yet again cutting, weeding, annealing, and gluing 144 little acrylic “leaves” to make another “leaf lamp”. The good news is that I learned from the first go-around and things went much better.
My “new” tricks:

  1. Increased the diameter of the three inner rings by a full inch over the original plans. This gave the ribs and leaves adequate clearance from one another.
  2. Annealed for longer to prevent the cracking that I experienced back in the summer.
  3. Switched to Weld-On 3 (I previously used #4) - it’s the same but the working time is down to less than a minute. Trust me, it’s WORTH it when you have to sit there and hold each leaf until it sets!!!

The clear acrylic is from the GF store (I like the fact that the large sheets are “just” the right size for the bed) and the colored are the light, medium, and dark transparent “bronze” from Inventables.

As a reminder, here’s the original pattern - definitely the best $12 I have spent!


That is beautiful.

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Yes, gorgeous!

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I got 20 orders for the town seal I made at Christmas. Like I have time for that!


So pretty … Bet they were thrilled!

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I love the mix with the clear and tinted leaves. Please share an install picture when it’s done.


Yes please! Would love to see the installed finished product.

That looks like quite the project there!

Nice work. Tried it too.