Don't try this at home - dangerous woodworking

There’s no way I would be on the left side of this machine.


First line in description states this:

Bending up a laminated wooden log, specifically designed for bending.

Yeah you can see it was sliced and bent. Still not going on the left side of that thing.

Also, this:

Never seen video of one of these rigs in action, that’s bonkers.

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I love all the comments under the video.

Especially this one: “Because the process wasn’t entirely displayed I’m going to assume they all are in fact dead.”


There’s a lot of faith in that one strap and ratchet!

I’ve seen that helicopter chainsaw video before–it does make sense , but hope it’s never used on a windy day! (as well as guessing it’s not in a country with OSHA :wink:).

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Am I the only one that is bothered by the label “chainsaw” it’s clearly a bunch of circle saws.

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I bet they’re chain driven?

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It took me a while to get that the log was already sliced in strips. This is cool. but I still am with the people who who not be the guy on the left.

Yeah I’m pretty sure they would be, but not chain saws.

A bunch of saws chained together? A saw chain, not a chain saw ? :wink:

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OK OK, I should stop posting these but cmonnn…


A saw chain for sure. But (I don’t know why I’m wasting my time) it looks like they are belt driven.


Yes but now think of the weird party facts you can bust out.

Bonus unsafe laser rig:

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Oh, look! A Halloween horror thread!

I saw one of the ganged saws for doing tree lines hanging from a helicopter for the first time a few years ago. It was breathtaking. I couldn’t imagine that any insurance company would bond someone for that, but there they were. The local coops spent quite a lot of money using disaster assistance funds after a huge ice storm knocked out power over a few counties. The trees had been allowed too close to lines and hadn’t been taken care of in the rural areas.

Kind of reminded me of a giant Operation Game where instead of a body and contacts on the perimeters it was trying to avoid the power line in the middle.

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I still can’t stop looking at this site.


Wasn’t there something like that in one of the old James Bond movies?

I love stuff like that. I can’t imagine designing some of the machines they come up with!

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