Doob 3D


Three weeks ago, my wife and I drove down to Beverly Hills to check out Doob 3D. They have 4 locations in the world, with 3 in the US and the original one in Germany. Our local

KCAL News had done a story on them a few days before, and it seemed interesting so we decided to take a look.

Doob 3D produces life like, full color “art piece” figurines from a resin material. Through the use of a booth of 54 surround cameras to capture people in detail, and proprietary software to put the images all together, they create instant digital 3D models of whoever is inside the booth. The digital model files are then uploaded to the New York headquarters facility where they are printed on a special 3D printer.

I thought this would be a good item to memorialize my wife’s pregnancy like no picture could so I made an appointment with them for a Saturday afternoon. After figuring out how we wanted to pose, we had our pictures taken together and then separately (in the same pose as when the other person was there). They apparently blend all of these images together to maximize the detail. We took a look at the captured images on the monitor, retook one of me, and then finalized the package.

Today, we received a box with our two person figurine. We had opted for the 6 inch tall size. (They also have 4 inch and up to 14 inch figurines available, and they also do pets.) The level of detail is incredible, especially on larger sizes. This is definitely a keepsake for display in the twins nursery, to always be looking over them.

It would also seem to be a great idea for a wedding cake topper. How special would it be to have a cake topper that actually looks like the bride and groom wearing the same outfits as on the wedding day? They’re not cheap, but they’re also as special as they come. And for those with a much larger wallet, the Doob 3D folks also do events, where they take a booth to your location and create figurines for all interested guests.


Always concerning when they don’t post prices (even for “typical” ballpark items…


FYI, $95 for a 4 inch figurine, $195 for a 6 inch, etc. With two people in one pose, it counts as two figurines


You could pay close to that for a really good photographer…this is much cooler imo…Totally worth it.


Exactly this is AMAZING


Yeah, I thought it was worth it, and my frugal wife did as well.


can you go back and order a second one? because with twins you’ll need to have 2 of those pairs right?


Wild…I thought that was a slightly fuzzy photo. Those are the actual dolls! :sunglasses:


Yes, you can order multiple copies. Additional ones are 20% off.


Yeah,@Jules, the pictures are of the figurines and were quickly taken with my cell phone. They are not real people. My wife says my figurine looks younger than I do. And she is right. It is younger by 24 days as of today!


Awesome since the groom would be wearing a blindfold. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@caribis2 And the guy standing behind him with a shotgun would count as a third figurine


Not if they were taken separately. :grin:


I like my idea better


That is very cool! 3 years ago here in Seattle at the World 3D Printing Expo, a company set up a booth where they did a complete scan of your head and then could choose a Marvel Superhero to have it matched with and printed in full color. I believe the choices were Black Widow, Iron Man, and Captain America. I think the cost was $80+. It is pretty cool :relaxed:


Another choice, if there is someone local to you, is to do a baby bump Lifecasting. Lifecasting is one of my other hobbies.


Too late to do a baby bump lifecast for my wife. She gives birth tomorrow.


I did the horror one for my ex’s oldest son who is a fan of the “Amry of Darkness”

got a front image and side face of him before his birthday and they made it. It turned out better than we through,


Too cool and a wonderful keepsake!