Doors for my expedit



So I love my entryway expedit…it holds all our shoes, and odds and ends that we need when we walk out. But I don’t love how it looks when you walk into the house. It’s quite the mess!

So I decided to fix that with some doors made on the glowforge. Because the pieces had to be 12x12", I used this non-proofgrade wood: This stuff is pretty cheap, and had lots of splinters. I had to lightly sand the edges and fronts and couldn’t really tape the front because the tape created splinters too. (definitely been spoiled with the PG). Because of this, I set my etch settings pretty light so smoke stains wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Since the etch and cut files were bigger than the available area to cut, I just used a pencil mark to make an x in the middle of the wood sheet to align with an X in each of the files.

It was easy to erase and sand off once I was done.

I used 1 1/4" hooks and aligned the holes in the file so that the piece would hang about center of the cubby hole.

I also created a template and cut in PG so that I could easily drill the holes for the hooks where I wanted them.

Here is the final product!

Looks a ton better than messy cubby holes. Cheers!


Oh gosh, way to upgrade! I love the design and the quote!




Great result! Love the quote.


Shared that quote with my daughter this summer right before her first international trip.

I like that guy.


My Daughter has done internships in South Africa and Thailand, 6 months each for her master’s. She came home a changed woman.


Fantastic improvement! :grinning:


Very inspirational! It turned out so amazing!


Very nice. Have some doors on an expedit, might zap them…


Let us know how it turns out if you do! :slight_smile:


Wow! That looks fantastic! Most excellent improvement!


That looks terrific, it looks even more elegant. :smiley:


You just have to remember what’s in each cubby. Now you have a beautiful expedit and a memory game in one - nice work!