Doppler's Boxes: Seeking Guinea Pigs!

Hi folks,
I’m close to launching a project I’ve been laboring over for a while: a multi-volume collection of mix-and-match box designs. Before I turn them loose on the world, I’d like to have a few folks in the community test them out to make sure I didn’t miss anything obvious. I’m looking for 4 or 5 testers who will receive a copy of the final bundle and a commercial license.

This bundle contains designs for two styles of box, one with a fitted lid (exterior: 5" x 4" x 2.38") and a slightly taller hinged lid (5" x 5.5" x 2.5", including the external hinges).

Each will have 20+ patterns that can be combined for the frame, an optional facade, and an optional liner.

Top: A hinged box with the Honeycomb frame in cherry, a plain neon orange acrylic liner, and no facade. Accented with the Pudgy Bee latchplate and Daisy pin in cherry.
Bottom: A fitted box with the Paws frame in cherry and a red glitter acrylic liner.

You can also mix-and-match elements from each set, like using the Paws pattern on the front, Heart on the side, and Tiny Paws on the top.

They’re designed for 1/8" materials, and work with either wood or acrylic (or both, my favorite look). They are mostly snap-fit, with a bit of glue needed for the optional floor liner and the optional facade panels. The material used varies with the options: a simple fitted box frame takes about half of a Glowforge sheet, and a hinged box with liner and facade takes approximately 2 sheets.

This is the Heart pattern, hinged, with a Heart latchplate and Thank You pin. Cherry frame and white acrylic liner, no facade.

Fitted: Blue acrylic frame (Voronoi), white acrylic liner (Plain), no facade.

Fitted: Black acrylic frame (Starry Skies), with sapele facade (Mountains), and a Plain white acrylic liner (not really visible in this photo, but it makes the stars really pop at the right angle).

Hinged: Black acrylic frame (Spooky), red acrylic liner (Plain), no facade, sapele latchplate (Batwing Skull) and cherry pin (Candy). I don’t have a picture, but the Liquid facade is great with this for cartoony dripping blood in red, or dripping slime in lime green.

Fitted: Sapele frame (Lattice), with sapele facade (Portico) and white acrylic liner (Plain). I freakin’ love sapele!

The hinged boxes come with a variety of interchangeable latchplates and pins: approximately 30 at present, with more to come for the final release.

Note the patterned lid. I show Plain lids by default, but a patterned lid is an option for most designs. The solid lid is perfect for personalized engravings, or inlays and marquetry.

Need more dice. And no, this is not available as a Mimic just yet.

So that’s my latest obsession! If you’d like to volunteer to test out one or two designs of your choice (or more!), please message me privately or email johndopp (at johndopp dot com). All levels of skill and experience are welcome to participate, from “I just got my Glowforge and I can’t get the box open” to “I laser cut a working scale model of a '73 Pinto, but bumped the back of it and it caught fire”.



I love your latest obsession. The versatility for someone with no vector design experience to be able to create customized boxes is terrific. The interchangeable latch plates and pins gives one so many options. I am sure you will find a large market for these. Best of luck and thanks for sharing.


That was my goal exactly! To create a system that’s easy for a beginner to manipulate, but versatile enough to cover a wide range of needs, and customizable for the pros.

Fingers crossed!


This is hilarious!


Oh wow!!!
Pick me. Pick me. Pick me!
Would love to but beyond my expertise.


I love these! if you are still looking for testers I’m willing!


My husband is going back to Lima,Peru in a couple of weeks (on the US Veteran Fencing team) for the Pan American Games. They have lots of guinea pigs - mostly as a meat course!


Nooooo! My friend raises guinea pigs, and she’d probably freak out if someone served her cuy.

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I’d be willing to demo the ttrpg style boxes


:joy::joy::joy: so many people probably do get the reference…
These are really impressive.


I would definitely try these out for you! I love them!


BTW I’d love to test them but I’m having trouble with the heat.

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I’d love to test them for you.
I’m somewhere between “I just got my Glowforge and I can’t get the box open” to “I laser cut a working scale model of a '73 Pinto, but bumped the back of it and it caught fire.” :joy:


I would test for you!


I would love to try these out and help finish them with you. Love the work put in on them!! fantastic job! If not me let me know when they are available for purchase.


So amazing! Just bought all your boxes! I’m excited to make something :slight_smile:


Where are they for sale on (etsy site?)


Doppler's Box Design Collection Volume 1 SVG and PDF - Etsy So talented he deserves more followers than he has!!


BTW, @Doppler, you could put DopplerBoxes - Etsy in your website link on your profile instead of since you clearly are selling stuff :smiley:


Yes indeed! Thanks for the nudge, I’d completely overlooked that. :grinning: