Double check my work? Felt MSDS

I think this is safe to laser cut. But I also don’t 100% know what I’m looking for. I don’t see PVC anywhere, but I see that decomposition has CO2.

Could somebody help me out?

DURAFELTpolyester.pdf (187.1 KB)

Nothing wrong there. You breathe CO2 all day long.

I made the mistake once of cutting real felt made from wool, and omg the smell lol. But it is what i expected or should have lasering a mat of hair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: With the artificial stuff it probably will present a significant fire risk i would think so be safe and all that.


Polyester felt sometimes get a melty edge, but you’ll figure that out in testing.

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@eflyguy That’s true. I don’t know what I was thinking xD

@primal_healer I’ve cut sheets from Hobby Lobby and I know what you mean. Stinks so bad! I’ll keep an eye on fire.

@evansd2 ugh yes the melty edge.