Double Door Hanger

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to share something I did recently. Because, I am pleased with how it turned out. About two months ago, my sister talked me into being a vendor at a festival hosted by our town. Reluctantly, I made tons of items to display and sell in my booth. Among those items was a Pumpkin door hanger for the upcoming season. Right away, my wife’s friend snatched up one of the two pumpkin door hangers I had made. She then told us that she would have bought the other door hanger but didn’t want to take the second one so, that it would be seen at the festival. She continued to explain to us that she wanted a matching door hanger to go on her double entry doors. So, she asked that I make her a new door hanger once the festival was over. Of course, I agreed; however, being OCD and ADHD, I couldn’t just make her a door hanger that would look exactly like one hanging on the door next to it. So I a went to work and came up with the two door hangers I posted. Kelly loved the sign I made to match the one she purchased. And, I love that you can use either one alone or together.
Its_Fall_Yall_Hello_Pumpkin_III.pdf (1.3 MB)


Those turned out beautiful!!


Thank you so much; that was very nice of you to say!

Those look great! Well done!


I love the pumpkin and the leaves!


I really love those. A little different then the typical ones I have seen.