Double sided adhesive to use

I have seen people using double sided tape for attaching things . I want to try to use it for attaching acrylic to wood. Is there a certain one to use for the best strength ? I would love to know the best type to buy and where you may get it ? I found some on amazon but not sure what type to get ?

Lots and lots of discussion about this, here are some threads to get you going:


Thank you again :slight_smile:


3M 467MP is fantastic for that kind of thing. It is strong, but extremely thin, so thin you can apply it to pieces before you laser cut them, so you end up with peel-and-stick parts. Unfortunately it is expensive, but when you need it, you need it.


if you buy it in bulk, it’s not cheap overall, but cheap per SF.

basically, $140, but for 12" by 164 feet (50m) long. so ~$1 / sf.


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