Double sided foam tape sheets

Has anyone used tape sheets like this? I am looking for a way to cut out words that can then be stuck onto things. My though was I could adhere the double sided tape sheets and then cut out the words. Then I could just peel off the backing and stick the words instead of gluing them, which’s always makes a mess.
For reference, this is what I was thinking.
AIEX 10PCS 11.4 x 8.3inch A4 Size Double-Sided Adhesive Sheets, White Tape Sheets Strong Tape Adhesive Paper for Cards Crafts Making

I like using 3M double sided tape, but I don’t have any experience with foam type tape. I am thinking it could be kind of “melty”.


True. Interesting that you said you use the 3M tape. That’s what I ended up ordering because it seemed like it would be more compatible for laser cutting. You’re right, I think the foam stuff would just melt.


There is of course veneers, that may or may not come with 3m sticky already applied that could create really stunning words…