Double sided Mirror Acrylic. Real or Myth?

Hello my fellow “Forgers”!

I make a lot of jewelry using the mirror acrylic but I hate that the back side is grey. I am looking for a way to make the backside mirror as well. Any suggestions besides glueing two pieces together? I heard from somewhere that double sided mirror acrylic does exist but, has anyone actually seen or purchased any? Or does anyone have any innovative ideas?

Please and thank you , I’m desperate :blush:

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Don’t know if it’s exactly what you want but, Inventables is one source. However this is extruded and not cast material:✓&selected_filters[Surface+Finish][]=Mirrored+(2+sides)
There are other suppliers, just search for acrylic sources.

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Yes! This is exactly what I mean. I was hoping to find this in the Gold mirror finish, tho. I guess I should have mentioned that. But Thank you so much. I’ll run a google search for that now !!!


I have purchased this one from Amazon a few times and liked it. However, I am not sure I have ever seen it with a gold finish.

One thing to note, the acrylic will become clear when lit from behind. Like this infinity cube for example:

When the lights inside come on…


yes, I have some and I’m trying to dial in the settings right now and its a real pain in my ass. I have tried numerous settings, masking on both sides, sacrificial white cardstock underneath to prohibit flashback and I either can’t get it to cut all the way through or I get it cut through but I’m getting flashback, even with masking and sacrificial layer. So I’m beyond frustrated right now trying to dial this in. So if anyone has any suggestions on settings for this I’d be most helpful. I tried the settings that someone else posted in another thread regarding mirror acrylic but its not working quite right for the double sided mirror.

If you want to discuss settings for non-proofgrade materials, you should open a thread in Beyond the Manual.

Hi Melissa,

Do you have the double sided mirror in Gold? If so where did you purchase. I’ve been looking everywhere for it.

I used the single side mirror acrylic consistently for jewelry and it always cuts perfectly. Give these setting a try:

Power: 140

Speed : 85-92 ( I used to use 85 but lately 92 has been working better when I have a lot of pieces to cut)


Power: 85-92

Speed: 140

no double sided gold. I have the extruded double sided mirror from Canal Plastics (they are currently closed due to Covid-19 stay in place orders in NYC). I swear I blew through an entire sheet on test cuts and just couldn’t get it exactly right. If I got it to cut through, I’d get some degree of flashback. If I turned the speed up to prevent that, it wouldn’t cut through entirely. The settings I had been using for single sided mirror just were having issues with this double sided extruded.

I had only a small scrap left of the double sided and I used your suggested settings and it was basically a fire waiting to happen. It cut through alright, but I though I was 2 seconds away from a housefire at any second, the sacrificial card stock underneath was charred to the point of disintegration and the underside looked like it had been thrown in a fire.

I’m all out of the 2 sided now so I can’t do anymore testing but I guess I’ll have to keep poking around and keep doing testing when I get more once Canal reopens.

Ok! Beyond the Manual it is, then.

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