Double Sided Print Problem

Success at last. from 189 to 180. I was slowing too much when I got fire warning

Hi @tshahoomian. I’m sorry to see that you ran into some issues with double-sided printing. It sounds like you’ve been getting some great advice from fellow Community members. Can you let me know if the suggestions were able to help resolve this? Let me know if you are running into any other trouble and I’ll be happy to help. Thank you!

Yes the community was very helpful.

Thank you for that quick response! I’m happy to hear the Community was able to help. I’ll go ahead and move this thread to the Everything Else section of the Community to keep the tread going in case you need any further advice from other members. Feel free to create a new thread if you run into any technical trouble and we’ll be happy to help. Happy printing!

The good thing about using the pins for strong hold-down is that if the piece does not lift up easily, then you can follow what I did above. I use a shopvac hose to lift the cut piece which is the easiest I know. If it has not cut through it will not lift, and can be cut again, If it has almost cut through and it leaves a mark you can do what I did and flip it over and just score that part. You do need a good Calibration to be real accurate.

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I used a needle and it popped right up. But I did slow down the speed so it cuts deeper
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A piece of Gorilla tape will often pull out pieces as will dental picks and needles.

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If you are just lifting cut pieces I would use less sticky stuff than Gorilla tape as it will grab anything it touches. fine if it is a big piece you are lifting, but a lot of little pieces could be a problem. That piece of cardboard above would be destroyed trying to use Gorilla tape.