Draftboard Equivalent

Since the medium draftboard is currently out of stock and I need alot of it… has anyone had success finding and using comparable material?
I know some people have mentioned this Laserbits material:
But I haven’t seen any reviews and if it actually is similar or the same as draftboard.
Please let me know, because I need a bunch quickly!


I’ve used this with good results. It’s a little cheaper, and he gives you the cutoffs.

I’ve also picked up some Masonite from a local lumber yard. Menards has “Hardboard” which is the same, but it’s a darker color. Home Depot has the same, but it’s not finished on both sides.

Honestly, I like the lighter color.


If you can find a local supplier and can cut it, you can get it for far less.

Rugby architectural building products (google them, they’ve got a lot of locations) carries 1/8” MDF, I think a full 4x8’ sheet is under $10. I cut mine down with a circular saw, essentially getting exactly what that guy on amazon is selling for about a tenth of the cost, plus a little effort to cut.

Some sellers have a panel saw and will cut it down for you on site, that’s the holy grail. There’s usually a fee for cuts, but you should still be able to get a full sheet cut for under $20 total, materials and cut fees.

Search for local lumber yards, it pays off! If you tell us what your nearest city is, we might have some people who know the area.


Thanks everyone. I think my biggest concern is making sure it’s laser safe and doesn’t have formaldehyde. Plus I like the lighter color of the draftboard compared to more yellow MDF.

Try this link to Etsy.


Looks like that one is sold out.

Huh, looks like my guy is cheaper on Etsy than on Amazon (shipping is a beast though). Sure, I’d have to cut the boards by about 4", but that’s easy with a radial saw.



Edit, he has cut to size ones too.