Draftboard from Amazon

I’ve been reading posts for a couple of hours so I don’t remember where I saw this but I ran across a post about MDF (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07G9YJFDC/) and Baltic Birch (https://www.amazon.com/3mm-Baltic-Birch-Plywood-sheets/dp/B07G9Z69NC?ref=hdn_dp_car_mba_4) on Amazon. Does anyone have any feedback, input or feelings about either of these before I drop $200?

Baltic birch is well, baltic birch. Both of these should be fine just don’t expect the mdf to use the same settings as proofgrade.

But it locally at a lumber yard if you can.

It’ll save you a lot of cash.


You have a rugby in Amarillo.

You’ll pay less than half what you will on amazon.


Thank you all for your feedback. You just save me a ton of money. Thanks again.

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The only caveat is that you’ll probably need to cut it down yourself, I use a battery powered circular saw for that. Other people have used small handheld saws, dremel makes one. You can probably do a fair job of it with a jigsaw even.

A table saw isn’t a great option here unless you have an absolutely massive setup.

My local Home Depot sells it and cuts it for free.

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My local lumber yards will cut down BB sheets for a couple bucks. Worth asking.

Yeah my local rugby doesn’t do it, but that may vary from location to location. I wish they did here. I had it made for a while, a lumber yard like 1.5 miles from my house that would cut it down. Then rugby bought them out. It’s still pretty close by but the cutting service went away.

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Those last two sheets must be very special. :wink: I’ve been buying this for the past two years, current price is $45 for 20 sheets with free shipping. High quality – I’ve never encountered a void of any kind.

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I went to the Rugby store evansd2 suggested. A 4’X8’X1/8" sheet of MDF that will give me 20 22"X20" sheets (wait for it) $8.87!. I bought three sheets for a total of $28.40 giving me 60 22X20 sheets. My only problem is they’re no set up to cut it for me. However, I failed to ask him about formaldehyde that I’ve seen in a lot of posts. What’s the deal with formaldehyde and would anyone know if Rugby’s MDG contains it?

There is no concern.

It’s only stated because there used to be ply that had high amounts in the glue that caused issues in home construction/carpentry. You can no longer buy a product with those levels in the US.


In case anybody noticed, my measurements are WAY off. I just remembered wrong. A 4X8 sheet will yield 20 12x24 pieces.

Actually it won’t, it would give you 16 12x24 pieces (minus kerf) which won’t fit on the bed.

A better plan is to cut to 12x19, which will give you 20 pieces (minus kerf.)