Saw that draftboard is live in the store …


That’s great! Wasn’t there yesterday when I placed an order unfortunately.
Has anyone else had a problem clicking the menu button and getting nowhere?


What Menu button?

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In the store


Thought you were talking about a Menu button. Thinking you were pointing toward the Materials menu? Either way, everything in the shop seems to work fine for me.


Last night when I placed my last order. It was all wonky. I figured it was an overload thing because I got where I needed to go via the back button and continue shopping link.


That’s what I have to do. Has never worked for me.


That would be the one.
Glad it works OK for you.


The quarter inch looks like a good deal. Wonder how sturdy it is. Marius Hornberger did a bunch of parts boxes out of MDF like this.

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