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So I have created some new folders. When I go to one of my designs on the dashboard, I drag it to the folder and nothing. The folder doesn’t highlight or show that I am trying to put something it. I know I must be missing something. Thanks

Not sure if you simply didn’t complete your post or you’re doing something weird to post here, but your question is incomplete…

that’s weird. Thanks

ok, it’s fixed.

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I have seen that it takes a while for designs dragged to custom folders to show up. Sometimes a few seconds but sometimes minutes. There is no feedback that it actually did anything. They don’t disappear from the “My Designs” folder.


I created these a few days ago and still nothing, also even the standard folders they created don’t highlight either

Don’t have any suggestions. I created a folder so I could put my stuff in and not have to see the useless designs they forced on us. It took a little time and as I said, stuff didn’t show up immediately, but eventually did. I now go directly to my custom folder.


What browser and OS are you using? Have you tried a different browser or a different device (if possible)?

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I use Safari, but I will try another one tomorrow.

I just tested with Safari and Firefox (my regular browser is Chrome) and all work the same. Sometimes it takes a few seconds, sometimes longer.

The lack of any kind of feedback is annoying, but I keep so little “in the cloud” it makes little difference to me.

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Thanks for checking I’ve given up tonight. I’m just gonna wait till tomorrow and see if anything changes.

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