Dragon Cutting board #2

My Dragon cutting boards, are getting popular with my friends, someone wanted one that was more ‘whimsical’ and the idea of a cartoonist dragon wasn’t appealing.
so I created THIS… Enjoy!

(right click to download) its a .JPG file and use engrave settings on your GF


That’s awesome and funny! Have you posted pictures of your other dragon cutting boards? I’d love to take a gander!

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here ya go!


and not a dragon



Thanks so much for the download. Love these! Would you mind telling me where you get your cutting boards?

Wallmart $10-20 bamboo

THIS one is the space Gorrilla and This one is the Dragon

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is what one looks like in the analog world!

And another cutting board. . . .

something I have noticed, Bamboo doesn’t darken evenly, so you get shades of black, and you may need to stain the wood (I used a sharpie and alcohol) then coated it with poly.

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Thank you!

Do you remove the crumb tray to do this? What settings did you use and are you using the pro, premium, or basic?

YEA, I had to remove the crumb tray, and do some measuring (cutting board was 1/2" thick) I found the best way to do that is to have the Glowforge powered off, and make sure the head, and fan assist, passes over the board, smoothly, then (turn on GF again) use auto focus on the high spot, and then burn it.

I have a plus, but ANY of the lasers will work with this.


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oops, your settings you need to experiment each piece of bamboo is different, and there is no ‘set’ generic setting to use, the rule of thumb is the higher the power / the slower the speed / the higher the LPI the darker / deeper the cut. BUT too much power will burn the wood, or cut thru or start a fire, so Its a ‘feel’ for the right setting.

and if you use a test piece which may look awesome, the bamboo may look like crap, with the same settings.

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Thank you.

Where did you get this dragon design?

I looked at some tattoo art of dragons, to give me some inspiration, then went from there.
I don’t sell anything I make. so I don’t feel as bad borrowing. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’m looking for something like this and not having much luck. I’m finding a ton of oriental dragons and black and white with no real details.

The secret is look for “Dragon Tattoo” art, there is a TON of this kind of style.

If you post an image of kinda sorta what you’re looking for I will do a search


I had not thought of adding tattoo to the search. I’ll give it a try. Thank you.