Dragonball Goku Wisdom Symbol

Just another velcro backed badge. This time it’s Goku’s Wisdom symbol on wenge wood. I used the paint pens to add the color.


Just curious: Why did you choose Wenge if you were planning to paint it? Most people use Wenge when they specifically want the dark wood color.

It turned out nicely, whatever the reason.

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I used the wenge wood because it allowed some of the wood grain to show thru the paint, giving it sort of an aged look.


Red oak is a good alternative in that regard and probably a bit easier to get.

But yeah wenge’s open grain is really cool.

Someone had some luck engraving grain once too.

Lemme see if I can find it… nope! Essentially whoever it was took a be photo of woodgrain and engraved it into some Baltic or basswood. It was actually really convincing.

It was @jbmanning5. Entry sign on aged cedar


Still kind of blows my mind that it turned out like that… especially the knot, for some reason.

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