Dragons all the way through... Now what

Several experiments, I discovered I needed a belt sander to reasonably sand the faces (don’t get a Central Machinery Brand) discovered way too late I had made a mistake but I do like the effect. discovered I have 2 maybe three pairs trying to get one to work. just getting this far was the focus so I am not sure where to go with it.

They could be individual boxes with the dragonhead lids, or the lid of a much bigger box of two or more glued side by side, or all six sides in a hexagonal box. or perhaps just framed as is?


That’s fantastic.

Mmm… Harbor Freight. When you need a tool to only work once. Maybe.


I have a 4’ harbor freight 12-outlet strip that works really well…and a router speed controller that I use to dim my christmas tree every year. Other than that…

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Well… I bought it on eBay it was delivered by Amazon and the paperwork said that if I had a problem to bring it to Harbor Freight. Only then did I figure it out.

Would not have a problem except that I could have done a better engineering job in high school. To change a belt you have to remove seven tiny Phillips screws that are easy to strip and can hardly get a screwdriver to and an alignment bolt. You cannot just loosen them but out completely then after changing the belt getting them straight on the thread but leaving them loose so you can jiggle the piece about to even reach an alignment to get screws in all the holes. The threads are all 3\16 inch and despite having a huge pile of tiny screws I have nothing matching them.


They’d make a cool hexi-box. :sunglasses::+1:

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Nice design! It would make lovely kitchen cabinet panels.

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Harbor Frieght does love to make up new brand names for it’s various product lines. Pittsburgh Tools, Central Machinery, Badland Winch, Predator Generators, Chicago Electric, US General, Daytona, Central Pnumatics… just to name a few!



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