Drawer Inserts

We have a Ranger Tug and had a hard time finding inserts that would fit into our galley drawers. Either they were too tall, too long or too short to be of use. So I went to the Box-o-matic website and used their website to design some of my own drawer inserts that would work. I tried several colors. I like the blue ones the best. Two are made with Thick acrylic and the yellow one is medium acrylic.


Nice! Custom dividers! :grinning:


Custom stuff is always good.

link? I’m always looking for new box makers.

This one sounds like something a certain coyote might use: the ACME Box-o-matic :smile:


Cool. I’m about to make some dividers for my mom. Probably not full-on boxes, same general principle.


Now I have drawer envy…
That’s a great idea…the divider thing for my flatware always travels back and forth when I open my drawers…may have to give this a try. :grin:


The best reason to have a GlowForge is to make all the stuff you just can’t buy.


Great idea! The colors really pop, too!

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Nothing so satisfying as a beautiful but functional thing. I love the colors!

Those are works of art.

I took a different approach. The ‘battery drawer’ is a feature in many homes down here in the hurricane zone of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Mine is full of AAA’s, AA’s, C’s, D’s and nine-volters. Organization? Didn’t have any.

Enter Pewtie, my Glowforge. After I played a bit with the processes, I designed a set of dividers and cut them out of Amazon-grade cardboard. they fir the drawer perfectly and give me compartments to segregate my battery stock.

Durability? A: Not an issue. They’re not going to see a lot of activity. B: If they get funky-looking, I still have the file and plenty of that cardboard.


Battery drawers are common up here in New England, too.

Totally unrelated, but we now rely heavily on inflatable solar lanterns called Lucis instead of flashlights/candles. We buy on sale and have some of the fun colors/designs for the kids. https://mpowerd.com/

You can store them small, but they are also waterproof for poor weather situations.

My scout nerd friends all have these… but not with a USB charger!
Now I know a method of one-up.
They really are dead useful.