Drawers for Ikea furniture!

Hi guys,

I’ve tried to buy an Ikea drawer to fit in this furniture and they sell a 16cm tall (Measurement needed) but when assembled it’s 16.5cm! lol

So I got enough of going to Ikea back and forward and decided to design my own!

Because, why not ? we got the power :glowforge:

Here is the result!



Just what the Glowforge was made for.


Isn’t it ?
I was really upset with the drawer I bought saying 16cm (spot on) and when assembled, had the “foot” under it adding .5cm… straight away my wife said, well, if they cannot make one, we can! LOL


So nice to be able to custom make things! Good job!


Pretty disappointing to be sure! Glowforge to the rescue!

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What insert did you use for the Kallax cubes to give it the shelf, or did you make that too? I want to do the same thing as our house is filled with these shelving units. I did a quick measure of the PG material though and I won’t be able to get a whole 330*330 sized piece for the bottom; how did you manage that? Do you have a pro model? All I have is a Plus…

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Hi, yes, I do have the pro.
I bought the divider from IKEA (Could have made that again anyway! But I bought it!
When I first bought the dividers, I wasn’t planning on build the drawers then we had issue finding the perfect matching drawer. so then I decided to make them! :slight_smile:
The bottom part of the drawer was made in two separated pcs.

Hope that helps!


Thanks, that definitely helps! My biggest question was how you made the larger part, but knowing you cut it in two pieces answers my question and validates that it can be done. I didn’t want to waste material trying to recreate the wheel. I looked for the divider, but didn’t see them the last time I went to our local Ikea, so I think I’ll just have to create my own.

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Hi there,

here is the image with all the details of what you need to buy from Ikea to fit the drawers you make.
In case you dont want to make it as well…