Drawfee mug inlay



Drawfee is a youtube channel I watch a lot and I decided to use their logo as a test for my first inlay. done in the proofgrade maple with the walnut veneer as an inlay.


Excellent execution!


Turned out great! Kudos!


Yep! Looks fantastic and an amazing first project! :grinning:


Oh man, I love when my fandoms overlap! I love drawfee (and also that!)


I have a few more ideas bouncing around in my head so expect more drawfee related projects!


Awesome! What settings did you use for the engrave to get a good depth for the inlay?


I kept it at whatever it was set to for power I think it was 81 and speed was 1000 except I did two passes not one. That seemed to get it pretty close.


Nicely done!


nice job


do you have inlay experience before this? This is something i really want to do with my GF. Just bought some veneers at a wood auction but some are buckled. How do you straighten them and do you use magnets to hold it down?


That’s fantastic! I think the veneers are often underestimated; this is just a stunning application.