Drawings on wood made repeatable with a laser



Hey look, my first topic (and it isn’t fonts!)!

Came across this article on Colossal of an artist who is drawing on plywood with extreme detail. I can definitely see myself doing art like this with the GF, though probably with less a building theme and more organic shapes or lettering instead. The repeat print function will be great!

Ooooh, and if one day there were a print head of some kind that could be switched out, then there could be spot colors added before etching…but until then, wooden versions of the adult coloring book craze? :grin:


Very cool first post! Welcome to the party!


This is why automation is awesome. The first one you draw costs you a million dollars, but every one there after is pennies.

Keep posting awesome things, and see you in the regulars forum soon!


WOW - I just checked out your website. Your custom bindings are the ideal compliment to your Glowforge! This makes me want to spend a few hours with a needle and thread!


Well, I’m completely sold on Japanese Stab Binding. I read the tutorial and can’t wait to give it a try.


Sweet! Let me know if you run into any problems and I’ll help get you sorted. :blush:


Rad. This is very cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: